Vent Vert Elf Oil For kawasaki motorcycle

Good news for your Kawasaki motorcycle owners, as well as lovers of Kawasaki motorcycles. This is something very important because the Total Oil Indonesia has been working with Kawasaki Motor Indonesia to create a Special oil for kawasaki motors.

Name of oil that is Vent Vert Elf. Introduced at a price of Rp 300.000/liter. Vent Vert Elf can protect when first turned on, and also at high engine temperatures.

Vent Vert in French means green wind, with the advantages of the texture of a green color with high levels of synthetic 100 percent, and able to protect the engine when hot and cold temperatures. Vent Vert Elf capable of reaching up to the machine using a distance of 3,000 km, which has conducted trials in Japan.