New Honda Metropolitan

Honda Metropolitan scooter that is re-entering the United States market with a new twist to the styling and the engine, look at the front and rear lights and turn signal. Honda Metropolitan with classic style, and will begin to enter the outlet in the land of uncle sam in June with a price range $ 1999.
Waived, replaced the engine carburetor engine injection (PGM-FI) with a capacity of 50 cc. Fuel consumption is estimated to reach 49.74 km / liter. The Metropolitan now features Programmed Fuel Injection. Talk about a win-win: you get more efficient fuel management and crisper performance, especially during start-up on colder days. The Metropolitan's one-speed V-matic automatic transmission means no shifting ever—not even into park or neutral. Just turn the key, press the starter button, and go. The Metropolitan features a large, 22-Liter underseat storage area big enough for a helmet, your books, or some groceries. The storage area features a lock for added security and is
weather-resistant too.

Honda Metropolitan is available in three attractive colors Pearl White, Pearl Black and Pearl Black / Red