INFINITI EMERG-E is physical proof of Infiniti’s intentionto produce a bold halo model befitting the brand’s promise of InspiredPerformance, and also signals an array of exciting new technologies that thebrand will adopt in its quest to build dramatic and sustainable highperformance cars. INFINITI EMERG-E also provides a fresh expression ofInfiniti’s design language applied to a high performance, mid-ship sports carfor the first time.

INFINITI EMERG-E is also significant for being the firstInfiniti that has been developed in Europe. More than that, its advancedtechnology deliberately draws on the knowledge of suppliers beyond Infiniti’susual base in the quest to uncover the most innovative hardware and the deepestknowledge base. That quest has seen Infiniti become a part of the UKgovernment’s Technology Strategy Board initiative, whose aim is to speed thearrival of low carbon vehicles to our roads.

INFINITI EMERG-E is the ultimate expression of Infiniti’sinspired performance. This 402bhp (300kW) mid-engined, twin motor, electricmotors powered sports car is capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in just fourseconds -and from zero to 130mph in a single, seamless 30 second burst. Yet italso operates as exciting, zero emission urban transport over a 30-mile range.And when the range-extender petrol engine functions in concert with its twinelectric motors, it produces a CO2 output of only 55g/km (NEDC cycle).

Within its compact 4.464m length the two-seater INFINITIEMERG-E contains a pair of electric motors, a lithium-ion battery pack, fourinverters, a three-cylinder range-extending internal combustion engine and apetrol tank. All this is efficiently wrapped within highly aerodynamic, lightbodywork characterised by a design fluency that could only come from Infiniti.